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Welcome fellow Wordle players! You can use this site to evaluate and fine-tune your Wordle skills. By default, the page shows yesterday's Wordle, to reduce spoilers and cheating. Once you finish today's Wordle, you can enter it in the "Skip to word" box to see WordLV's preferred strategy. You can enter your starting word and see how WordLV's strategy would have played using that word instead. Scroll down and you can see the possible words at each step. You can step backwards to see past games, but not fowards past today, but you can enter future words to see how they would be played by this strategy.

What's the strategy? Currently, for the second guess, the solver picks a word that can win that also maximizes the chance of winning in guess 3. On guess 3 and after, the solver picks a word that maximizes the chance that it can win by the guess after the current guess, but values an immediate win double. TRACE is the best starting word if you are trying to maximize your chance of winning in 2.

Performance: Here's how starting with TRACE does:

WordLV's Wordle strategy
starting with TRACE

Please don't use this website to cheat. It's a learning tool and an illustration of how much skill there can be in the game of WORDLE, mostly in the 2nd or 3rd guesses. If you see someone post on social media playing these exact words, there's a chance they used this site or another similar tool. If the 2nd guess is obscure, out them! Send them this page.

If you have any feedback, send a tweet to @Andy_Bloch.

Sorry NYTimes if you think this hurts your recent purchase of WORDLE. I think it can only help drive more interest in the game. If you feel any of this infringes on your IP, you can reach me on twitter too.

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